Barnstormers Soulcraft Summit

JULY 30-AUGUST 1, 2021
Thank you to everyone who participated in our first annual Soulcraft Summit in South Bend, Indiana! It was a JOY to see all of your faces in real life or online. We got fired up by Ms. Gladys Muhammad. learned a lot about effective grassroots organizing, what it’s like to run for office, and what we’re up against in 2022 and beyond. South Bend also gave us beautiful weather as we fulfilled our Service Brigade assignments and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the city. We’ve come a long way together and are ready to keep hitting the road to strengthen our American democracy. Let’s go!


Because of our respect for the health and safety of others, we all agree to follow the rules. 

It’s all of our responsibility to follow the CDC Guidelines, which you can find here. The CDC will continue to update them as conditions evolve. 

It takes teamwork to ensure each other’s health and that’s what we’re asking of each and every participant at this event.  And the truth is that we as a nation will not move beyond this pandemic unless we follow the science and embrace it — and get vaccinated.  Moreover, until we hear otherwise from the CDC, we need to care enough about each other to continue practicing such safety measures as wearing masks and social distancing.

We have seen firsthand how Pete has followed the COVID Rules of the Road for protecting ourselves, our families and friends, and our wider community.  In coming to Pete’s hometown, we need to be good citizens and guests and protect each other and the wider South Bend community, In Indiana, there is strong evidence that vaccinations are working to keep the public safe. So let’s make sure we help keep up the momentum!  

As of today, the CDC says that it is safe for vaccinated individuals to be able to spend time indoors with each other without masks and it is safe for vaccinated individuals to travel.. To that end, we will be requiring all attendees of indoor Soulcraft Summit events to confirm (and provide proof) that they have received their vaccination if they are eligible. The administration has said that as of April 19, anyone who wants a COVID-19 vaccine will be eligible to get one (we recognize that it may take some time beyond that date to secure a vaccine appointment).  As a practical matter, anyone planning to attend the Soulcraft Summit needs to have begun the vaccination process by June 15 for the Moderna vaccine, June 22 for the Pfizer vaccine, and July 13 for the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

For events that take place in public, face masks will be required. We’re all looking forward to the day when the CDC says it’s okay to not wear one. But until that day, we must exercise the discipline to keep them on (and wear them the right way!).

Because we are all predisposed to taking action, please sign up for the US Health and Human Services COVID-19 Community Corps to help as many people as possible get their vaccinations promptly.