Signs Across America: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Signs Across America?

Signs Across America is a safe way for Barnstormers to do what we do best: Get out on the road to make some noise for our candidates!

Starting in mid-August, volunteers will launch the initial legs of five national car-based “relay-type” routes, all leading to the ultimate destination of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where Joe Biden will officially accept the party nomination at the Democratic National Convention.

Each of the routes is named after two values contained in Joe Biden’s Campaign Code. These are: 1) Resiliency & Dignity, 2) Empathy & Humility, 3) Compassion & Faith, 4) Joy & Inclusion, and 5) Respect & No Malarkey! The code will be complete when all routes meet in Milwaukee!

We anticipate each volunteer driver will travel between 25-50 miles (depending on location) before meeting the next driver to take the next leg of the journey. At each point along the way, a United for Biden lawn sign is planted!

Even if you can’t get out on the road, there are still plenty of opportunities to participate. We intend to flood this country with United for Biden signs and need YOUR help to do it!


What about health and safety considering the pandemic?

Health and safety are paramount for all volunteers and supporters. As a car-based event, there will be natural social-distancing (i.e., remaining a minimum of six feet away from others) as advised by the CDC. Where social distancing is not possible, all participants MUST wear face masks (properly, covering the nose and mouth) as well as wash hands and use hand sanitizer.  See CDC Pandemic Guidelines

When is the event taking place?

The event will kick off on August 10th from each of the five routes’ origin points (Maine, Florida, Washington State, Oregon, and California) and meet in Milwaukee, WI on August 17th, which is the first day of the Democratic National Convention.

When a driver on each route makes it to a new state, follow the Barnstormers For America Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts to watch our map of the United States light up!

How can I participate? Do I need a car?

There is a role for EVERYONE with Signs Across America, even staying at home! If you’re not out on the road driving on one of the official five routes, just post your United For Biden sign where you live and share it with us on social media!

Where will the routes be?

The five routes will all be launching on August 10th from five states: Maine, Florida, Washington, Oregon, and California. Each state is designing its own route to connect as best as possible with their neighboring states’ routes. All roads lead to Milwaukee in the end!

Joe just announced he won't be accepting the nomination in Milwaukee due to the pandemic. Will plans for Signs Across America change?

We are moving full steam ahead with the original plans to head for Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the original location of the Democratic National Convention. Barnstormers will represent there with the last five drivers uniting at the end of their respective routes, in a safe, socially-distanced way. We have some fun tie-ins with Delaware, so stay tuned…

If I am assigned to one of the official Signs Across America routes, how many miles do I need to drive?

As a driver, the truth is you can drive as many miles as you’d like! For the purposes of the “relay” format event, we’re estimating between 25-50 miles for each leg of the route. Your State Captain will be able to provide more detail on your assignment.

Should I take photos and videos along the way?

Yes, yes, yes (but keep your eyes on the road!)!  We’d love for all drivers to take as many photos and videos of their journeys from start to end that contain the following:

  1. Share your personal story of why you are taking action for Joe Biden. 
  2. If you are traveling through an area with a famous landmark representative of that location, take a photo yourself with the United for Biden sign with it in the background!
  3. Document the handoff point with the next driver on the route when you “plant” the sign in your transition spot (remember to keep at least 6 feet apart!).

Also, try to deck your vehicle out in as much Biden bling as you can (e.g., bumper stickers, magnets, etc).


We’re sure we have plenty of creative drivers out there, so create your best content!

I'm taking a TON of photos and videos for Signs Across America. Is there a place to send them after I share them on social media with the event hashtags??

YES! Thank you for sharing your Signs Across America moments with us! You can simply add them to

If I’m not on the official route, what should I be doing?

There are SO many things you can do even if you’re not on one of the official routes! Here are some ideas:

1) Create your own mini-route in your area of the state, maybe with a small parade of cars with your neighbors.

2) A socially-distanced cocktail/mocktail happy hour on your front lawn to “plant” your United for Biden sign. Get people registered to vote if they are not yet already.

3) Find out where the route will be traveling through your state and cheer it alongside the road.

4) Or just plant the United for Biden sign your front yard or window.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure to take plenty of photos and videos and share it on your social media!

Are there special tags I should use when posting to social media?

Yes! To allow people to follow the event, we are asking volunteers to use #SignsAcrossAmerica, #UnitedForBiden, and #WeWantJoe as the main hashtags. And also please tag @BarnstormersUSA on Twitter!

Where do I get the United for Biden lawn signs?

There are two ways to get your United for Biden lawn signs depending on your volunteer role. If you are a State Captain or Primary Route Volunteer, we will ship you the allotted number of signs to your state to the person identified by the State Captain (depending on how your route is designed). 

****Please be aware that the deadline for ordering the special United for Biden lawn signs in time for the start of the event has passed. However, we are working on making them available again up until the election.**** 

If you are a Primary Volunteer driving a leg on the official route, please contact your State Captain for instructions on how to receive it. If you are a General Volunteer who purchased a sign individually, your State Captain will also have information on how to coordinate a pickup.

You can also download a digital version of the United for Biden sign using 6 sheets of 8.5×11 sheets of paper.

Does the lawn sign have the union bug?

YES! Union all the way!

What happens if I don't have a lawn sign (or a lawn)?

Don’t worry! Most people will probably wind up in this category since the United for Biden lawn signs are mostly allocated for volunteers driving the official Signs Across America routes.

You can download a digital version of the lawn sign to print and create using 6 sheets of 8.5×11 pieces of paper.

The ultimate goal of the Signs Across America event is to make a big noise for Joe, and that means getting to be as creative as you want to be! Put on your Biden t-shirts, hats, buttons, stickers, etc. and show the world that we are #UnitedForBiden and #WeWantJoe! Check out this phenomenal video created by Signs4Biden for the Fourth of July for ideas both offline and online. We will also be offering a digital download of the United for Biden sign to print and display so keep an eye out for when it is available.

What are the submission guidelines for photos and videos and where do I send them?

We are creating a form to submit your photos and videos. Stay tuned for more details!

Is Signs Across America only for Democrats?

Signs Across America is for ANYONE who supports Joe Biden for President! We welcome supporters from any party!

How do state and local races fit into Signs Across America?

While Signs Across America is primarily an event to support Joe Biden, we are not forgetting down-ballot races! We strongly encourage candidates who support Joe Biden to participate, whether it’s adopting a leg of the official route or planting a sign in their front yard! We also welcome former Democratic presidential candidates. 😉

I can’t participate, but would like to donate toward this can I do that?

Thank you so much for your support! We have a Signs Across America Go Fund Me that will go towards the production and shipping of United for Biden signs. You can contribute to the Go Fund Me here.