Our Mission

Making politics accessible through
grassroots organizing


From our origins as Barnstormers For Pete (aka, the “Buttigieg Barnstormers”), we make it possible for ordinary citizens from all walks of life to hit the road and take positive action for American democracy. Our volunteer road-tripping takes us to where democracy is in most need of saving.

The 3 Pillars

As a purely grassroots volunteer movement, Barnstormers for America aims to accomplish three goals:

-We need to restore integrity and decency to all public office, full stop. This means electing true public servants from the presidency all the way down ballot.

-We need to strengthen American democracy at the state and local levels. We select key down-ballot races to deploy our Barnstormers energy in order to raise visibility and amplify grassroots campaign support for those candidates fighting for the values (best described by Pete’s Rules of the Road) that unite us as a country. We also provide education and support to those who are interested in taking the extra step of running for local office themselves.

-We need to stick together as a community. What makes Barnstormers for America truly unique is that we show up to our intended destinations as a cohesive group, held together by the belief that regardless of our backgrounds, we are stronger united.

Through events, merchandise, media, ad more, Barnstormers place voters above all else by aiming to provide education, inspiration, and the resources they need.


The Format

Each Barnstormer for America main event is comprised of four parts:

Barnstormers Service Brigade: With every road trip we endeavor to show gratitude and give back to the local community that Barnstormers visit.

Campaign Support: With its sheer volume, Barnstormers happily fold into each campaign’s activities, such as door-knocking, phone banking, text banking, visibility, and more.

Barnstormers ‘Boot-Up’: Our stories inform our politics. The Barnstormer Boot-Up is an opportunity to gather together to share those stories. They enable us to connect with other volunteers and leaders to develop and exchange ideas that will help us continue our efforts both in our own local communities and on our road trips throughout the country.

Barnstormers Bash: Quite simply, a way for us to share one of our most important values and Rules of the Road – #JOY!