You have questions? We have answers…

What is Barnstormers For America?

We’re a road tripping movement of super-charged, civic-minded grassroots volunteers guided by our mission to strengthen American democracy. Our movement is founded on the principles of kindness, inclusivity, and FUN.

Using a simple yet powerful approach, we make engaging in the political process accessible and full of joy. Barnstormers For America provides the framework for volunteers to show up where needed to support presidential and down-ballot candidates.

How does it work?

Barnstormers For America assesses the current political landscape and upcoming elections to determine how to deploy our super-charged energy where it will have the greatest impact. This means identifying the candidates and locations around which we organize our events, which follow specific formats.

What events do you have coming up?

We always have a weekly High Hopes Happy Hour on Saturday nights from 8-9pm EST. Each happy hour kicks off with a special musical guest and then we dive into current races, topics, and our plans for action. Email barnstormersforamerica@gmail.com to get on the list to receive the invites!

It also looks likely we’ll be able to meet in person this summer! Come to the Barnstormers Soulcraft Summit from July 30-Aug 1. It will take place in South Bend, Indiana, the hometown of our political hero, Pete Buttigieg! You can REGISTER HERE!

What happens at a Barnstormers For America event?

Each major Barnstormers For America event is designed with four primary parts:

1) Barnstormers Service Brigade: Inspired by Pete’s “Call To National Service” policy, each event offers Barnstormers the opportunity to participate in an activity that serves the citizens of the region we visit. This can include various activities, such as good donations, marches, fundraising events, and more. We believe in giving back!

2) Campaign Support: With large numbers of boots on the ground, we get to work as a “force multiplier” for the local campaign staff and grassroots volunteers. We’ll knock on doors, phone bank, and amplify visibility events for our supported candidate.

3) Barnstormers Boot-Up: After the service and campaign support activities end, Barnstormers converge to share a meal and share our personal stories about what inspired us to show up and take action. Everyone’s reason is different, and all stories are received with kindness and care. It’s a real opportunity to bond with the Barnstormers For America by being real and authentic. We’re actually more like family than anything else. The energy that we feel after our Barnstormer Boot-Ups is like nothing else. We feel like we can achieve anything!

4) Barnstormers Bash: We cap it all off with pure JOY. Our parties are just a lot of fun, which is just as important as anything else in life!

We also help organize smaller local events called “Barnstormer Blitzes.” These generally consist of Camaign Support and Barnstormer group dinner at the end of the day. Let us know if you’re interested in serving as a local Barnstormer Blitz leader and we’ll help you get it started!

Does Barnstormers For America get funding from the campaigns you support?

No. We are 100% grassroots, which means absolutely no financial support from campaigns.

How do you select the candidates you barnstorm for?

We know the decision to take time off and travel isn’t always easy or convenient. So if you’re going to do it, it had better be for candidates who you know will be working in the interests of the American people. One of the primary ways we idenitfy who those candidates are is by asking if they abide by the Rules Of The Road, or ROTR as they are affectionately known by Team Pete.

Another large factor in determining who to support depends on the impact their election has on the strength of American democracy. The higher the risk, the higher the chance Barnstormers For America will be making the trip.

How can I become a Barnstormer For America?

It’s easy! The biggest thing you have to do is decide to join us either on a road trip event or participate online!

If road tripping, you’ll just need to register for the specific activities you’d like to participate in (i.e., Barnstormer Service Brigade, Campaign Support, Barnstormer Boot-Up, and Barnstormer Bash) and make your travel and lodging arrangements. Due to the large numbers of Barnstormers, we typically secure a discounted hotel group rate to offer. You can also coordinate plans with your fellow Barnstormers on our message boards.

If barnstorming online, just get yourself Facebook and/or Twitter account to create and retweet/repost content.

To get the most current and detailed information on event organizing, be sure to join our Barnstormers For America Slack Channel.