Are you ready for Signs Across America, the sequel?! 

This time it’s a different kind of signs…ones that you make in your own words and style. Like in the doorstep scene in Love, Actually.

Democracy, Actually’ is a movement where you express to your fellow Americans why it’s imperative to vote blue up and down the ballot in 2024.

If we are going to stand up for our unique American freedoms and rights, we need to stand up for each other by uniting to vote for leaders who actually believe in strengthening American democracy. In 2024, that’s the Democratic Party. 
Regardless of our backgrounds or party affiliation, we need to find common ground to send the threat of authoritarianism and fascism into the ash heap of history.


It’s so easy to create your Democracy, Actually signs and videos! Special note to introverts – you don’t even have to show your face or speak! 🙂 
You should also know that you can make as many videos as you like for any Democratic candidate running in 2024, from President to city council and/or everyone in between. We know you have a lot to say! Just make sure each video has a focused message that can be clearly communicated. And try not to exceed 90 seconds per video.
Here are the steps we recommend:
THINK ABOUT YOUR MESSAGE. What do you wish you could say to the country about the election if you had a big microphone? Do you ever hear yourself talking back at the news shows or crafting arguments in your head in line at the grocery store? That might be a great place to start the process. Write it down on one sheet.
BREAK YOUR MESSAGE DOWN INTO BITE-SIZED PIECES. Think about how your message will look on your signs. We suggest limiting each sign in your set to no more than 10 words.
DECIDE ON YOUR SIGN MATERIAL. This is where you have so many options that can literally cost nothing! You can use almost anything to write on, from poster boards to Post-It Notes. You can also use a tablet to create digital signs that you swipe.
CREATE YOUR SIGNS. Write or type out signs, making sure they are neat and legible. You can also draw pictures or add photos for emphasis.
Also, remember to add these elements to each set of signs you make:

-The call to action: Confirm your voter registration and vote. Early if you can!

-Add the Democracy, Actually logo (print it out or copy and paste to your digital signs)

-Add the Barnstormers logo (print it out or copy and paste to your digital signs)

-For nostalgia’s sake, add a “Reunited for Biden” sign! 😉
RECORD YOUR VIDEO. Just like in the movie, flip each sign in order until you reach the end of your message. Make sure to stay on each sign long enough for people to read, but try not to exceed more than 90 seconds for the entire length of the video. Also, make sure to make your own unique mark. If you like to dance, dance while flipping each sign. Point on specific signs for emphasis. Lift a serious eyebrow. Do what comes naturally to you that makes you feel like you are getting your message across effectively.
PUT A TRACK OVER IT. Choose a powerful song to place over your signs as you flip through them. Might we suggest some especially meaningful toons from democracy-loving artists like Taylor Swift, Green Day, or Pink?
SAVE IT! After your video is done, it’s ready to share!


There are a million social media platforms you can share your Democracy, Actually videos on, but the main four where Barnstormers can help to amplify them are on Facebook and Twitter (X) to start.
-Post your videos to your social media accounts.
-Add your own message as part of your share. Tag others to invite them to make their own Democracy, Actually videos!
-Tag the Barnstormers account so we are aware of the new posts.
-Add one or more of these hashtags for searchability:
-Don’t limit sharing to just social media. Share with friends via email and chat, too! Host Democracy, Actually events where you can record several videos at a time. Talk to groups you belong to where you can encourage participation. Reach out to your networks in any way you feel will be most effective in generating engagement.


Email us at or direct message us on social media.